P5 - Inspector Raymond Cremona - His Biased Witness


Defence:   However, you started proceedings against Mr. Ellul Grech only. Good, now did any, not you because you are not an expert but an Investigator, did forensics do their examinations on the envelopes in which the documents were sent?

R. Cremona:   Understand me I do not know about that because something like that we have to ask the experts. (As Cremona had to consult the experts, why did he and his colleagues who are not experts decide that one of the handwritings belonged to the defendant?). 

Defence:   But for the handwriting on the envelopes do you have any results?

R. Cremona:   That I am not competent enough to say. There are the experts appointed by the court and that is in their hands.

Defence:   Look, tell me if I am correct during the course of your investigation, Mr. Ellul Grech had spent some time living overseas, in England?

R. Cremona:   Yes that is what he told us. 

Defence:   Look tell me if I am correct, he told you that he had known the Hounouable John Dalli for a long time?

R. Cremona:   I can say that all that he had told us is submitted in his statement and yes he had said so.

Defence:   Look, he also told you that when he was in England during the 80’s and early 90’s he used took after his (John Dalli) personal financial affairs?

R. Cremona:   In the 80’s not 90’s. I do not think that he told us that during the 90’s he used to look after Mr. Dalli’s financial affair.

Defence:   Then he told you the 80’s?

R. Cremona:   Yes in the beginning of the 80’s.

Defence:   Good. Now from the document that you exhibited, not document RC17 in which there is false allegations. This is document Y. See if he had told you that these were in his possession because he was assigned for his financial management.

(Meaning that John Dalli authorized Midland Bank to sent his statements to the defendant’s address in England?)

R. Cremona:   That is what he said.

Magistrate:   The defence and the witness are referring to documents RC3, 4, 5 and 8. Meaning the defendant told you that they were in his possession with the consent of Onor. John Dalli to look after his accounts?

R. Cremona:   He used to look after not the accounts but he used to receive the statements only but not look after them. In fact at one time he did not reply if he had the right to deposit or withdraw his money. In the second statement he told us he was going to answer. In the second statement when we asked him the same question again if he could deposit or withdraw he refused to answer. All he said was that he used to receive them.(Confirmation that there was nothing unusual for the defendant to have statements in his possession).

Defence:   In the course of your investigations you form part of, I imagine you interrogated the honourable John Dalli no?

R. Cremona:   But I did not speak to him.

Defence:   But were you present when you talked to him? 

R. Cremona:   No. 

Defence:   Can you tell us if Onor. John Dalli had confirmed that Joe Ellul Grech used to look after his financial affairs?

R. Cremona:   Assistant commissioner Michael Cassar put those questions to him. I do not know.

Defence:   Good so you are telling us that those documents that look original the defendant told you that he used to receive them at his home and naturally with the consent of Onor. John Dalli?

R. Cremona:   That’s right.

Defence:   Did it result to you that the documents are false?

R. Cremona:   I did not conduct that type of investigation. They do not result to be false.

Defence:   I reserve to cross-examine.

Magistrate:   Cross-examination reserved.

This is the witness of inspector Raymond Cremona as dictated by him.

I declare that the transcript is correct and faithful and to the best of my ability from the transcript tape.

Iris Mallia.

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