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R. Cremona:   On Tuesday at noon I was going to have words with him and he told me that he was not feeling well. And I told them take him and bring him a doctor or take him to hospital. On their
return I was told they had brought him a doctor.

Defence:   That is not the question. Did you see him disorientated?

R. Cremona:   Yes I did see him that is why we did not speak to him in the afternoon. (Wrong the defendant was brought back at 3.30 that afternoon from Valletta lock up. The defendant was given a painkilling injection by the doctor. He was questioned for a while by Cremona. Cremona tried to convince the defendant to sign a statement that Cremona had concocted. Thereafter he gave handwriting samples until 6.30pm).

Defence:  And how was he walking? Was he walking straight or was he walking as if he was disorientated?

R. Cremona:   No he was walking as if he was disoriented and that is why I sent him with them to see a doctor.

Defence: Naturally while you were interrogating him he was in that condition and that is why you sent him?

R. Cremona:   No we had not started interrogating.

Defence:   I am asking during the interrogation….

R. Cremona:   No during the interrogation he was not disorientated.

Defence:   He was disoriented when he was not being interrogated you mean.

Magistrate: The first question we asked you was, was he disorientated while he was in police custody and you answered yes. And the second question was. During the statement did you see him disorientated?

R. Cremona:   No during the interrogation he was not disoriented.

Defence:   Meaning when you were not interrogating him he was disorientated?

R. Cremona:    Yes.

Defence:   Now which is the document that on its basis you were conducting your procedures?

R. Cremona:   Several documents we found in his possession. There is a document that is half a document. If you give me the documents I will show you.

Magistrate:   The court is giving the documents to the witness so that he will be able to give a more precise indication.

R. Cremona:   One of the documents that he had said himself that he had faxed it to the Minister here can be seen that this is half a document. Not as a bank statement should be. Apart from that it has an address John Dalli esquire 272 Main Street, Balzan, Malta. When I compare this document the print is exactly the same as the other documents.

Magistrate:   The witness is referring to document Y being part of document RC7.

R. Cremona:   With the set of documents that were together that is doc RC7, that has exactly the same print on the document that I have just shown the court however, there is another print of another account but the address instead of that of John Dalli and the address in Malta Main Street, Balzan, is that of 25 Highbridge Walk, Iceberry,Bucks.

Defence:   So what is left is the document that is half empty?

Magistrate:   The defence is indicating document Y being similar to part of document RC7.

Defence:   Now can you see the document that is half empty? The print on it is Midland Bank. Let me have a look at it. J. Dalli esquire 272 Main Street, Balzan, Malta. 

R. Cremona:   If you look at that document....

Defence:   Allow me. If you look at the document that was distributed to some people around Malta, is it this document?

R. Cremona:   Not exactly that document.

Defence:   No, I asked you a direct question. Yes or no. I do not need you to reply precisely but you can explain if you wish.

R. Cremona:   Not that document but you have to allow me to explain. The top part of that document that was distributed is the part of the document with the address that it appears that it has the same account number meaning with the amounts.

Defence:   Where is that document?

R. Cremona:   This document that was sent with the letters is going to be exhibited by one of the court’s experts. I am exhibiting one of those letters that were distributed that is being marked RC17. This is being exhibited in a white envelope. This was sent to inspector Walter Spiteri and consists of three pages. Now one of the documents that are in the letter is a photocopy of a bank statement supposedly from Midland Bank Corporation Ltd., and it is identical to that document that I have just shown being identical to the top part of the documents that were found and passed on to the police by the defendant and these are also addressed Iceberry, Bucks exactly and also if one examines the print on top one can only came to the conclusion that they are exactly the same size. But this document in it there is the amounts. I also wish to add that during the statements that were submitted the defendant told us that the document he had had numbers on it and that the half document Y was faxed to the Honourable Minister John Dalli. The top print is exactly like the other. But this document has the amounts below. I wish to add that during the statements that have been submitted the defendant told us that the document that I have just hown which is document Y was faxed to John Dalli’s Ministry.

Defence:   Now on what did you proceed? On the document that Assistant Commissioner has just shown you. That is a falsified document?

R. Cremona:   The falsified document is the one that is half a document. (If that was the case than the ones that were circulated were original).

Defence:   Why are you saying that, that document is falsified?

R. Cremona:   If one compares the documents that were found at Mr. Joseph Ellul Grech that he passed on to the police one will find that they are exactly the same except for the amounts on them.

(This is not correct. One of the statements given to the police was addressed to: John Dalli Esq, c/o J. E. Grech. However, Inspector Cremona did not point this out in his witness).

Defence:   How could you come to such conclusion? I am going to ask you again. Document Y is half of another document which is the one that Assistant Commissioner (Michael Cassar) has just passed to you and is marked document RC17.

R. Cremona:   I, together with other police officers examined it and found that the top half is exactly the same as the other except that the amounts are not on it.

Defence:   Now document Y that is half a document was it distributed to persons around Malta and Gozo or was it the full document with the full details?

R. Cremona:   I already explained to the court that it is the document with the amounts on it.

Magistrate:   Meaning RC17.

Defence:   So RC17. You are saying that this is false?

R. Cremona:   Yes.

Defence:   Why is it false?

R. Cremona:   That is false for the reason the Midland Bank Corporation gave us and we insisted with Minister Dalli so that he provides a piece of paper that proves if the document was false or not. HSBC had account numbers are not in use. When that account was printed they were not... In fact I wish to submit a copy of this letter.

(The police did not find any stationery at the defendant’s home that matched that which was used to send the anonymous letters. The document marked Y without any amounts on it was found on the defendant’s desk in his study. John Dalli had given it to the defendant a few days before. That was the only evidence the police based their case on).

Defence:   Wait allow me before you exhibit. Look, earlier you said from the information that you received you arrested Mr. Ellul Grech. Who gave you the information?

R. Cremona:   I received the information from assistant commissioner Michael Cassar.

Defence:   Now you are arranging this person meaning Mr. Ellul Grech on the basis of this document excluding the other document. However, you are saying that this document is false. Now how do you know that this document is false? In the first instance do you know if an original document exists that you could compare to?

R. Cremona:   I wish to say that when this investigation took place there was also an interview with the Honourable Minister Dalli by assistant commissioner Michael Cassar. I also say that the police received a copy of a fax from HSBC sent to Minister John Dalli. I am exhibiting this in court now. This says “The account numbering system as from the forgery was last materialized in August of 1987. (2) A reasonable rate of interest applicable to a US Dollar one day account in September 1994 would have been 2%. (3) The rate of interest quoted would not have been available under any type of US Dollar account during the period in question.” This fax that it’s original will be submitted later in this process was signed by Robert Ulton.

Defence:   Let me see it.

Magistrate:   This is being marked RC18 and it consist of two pages.

Defence:   When did you arraign Mr. Ellul Grech?

R. Cremona:   We arraigned him on the 17 November.

Defence:   Look am I right because the date?

R. Cremona:   Yes we received it after.


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