p6 - Michael Cassar Ass. Police Commissioner - His biased Witness

M. Cassar: No none of them. Now when he spoke to me he showed me that one as circulated and we agreed that that document is half a document.

Defence: Forget that there is half of it but it is this RC17 that is the document that’s most defamatory and the one that Honourable John Dalli sked you to investigate.

Cassar: There are two things here your honour. Can I explain?

Defence: I am asking a simple question.

M. Cassar: But there is another part.

Defence: I am coming to that part.

M. Cassar: Because there are two things. He told me about the part that is defamatory and I told him yes however he is forgetting the other part that John Dalli had told me that it was in 1987 when in fact this account existed and during that period he did not live at 272 Main Street, Balzan, Malta. Then that was forged. Then there was a forgery and fabrication in the same account.

Defence: Dalli came and complained and asked you to investigate on document RC17. Do we agree?

M. Cassar: Yes that is what he showed me.

Defence: You got to know about document RC7 when you went to the defendant's house?

M. Cassar: Yes.

Defence: John Dalli also told you that he received document RC7 by fax. That is the one that is half marked in Maltese.

M. Cassar: The defendant told me.

Defence: John Dalli did not tell you so?

M. Cassar: But he told me after.

Defence: Meaning John Dalli told you after he had received it by fax half empty.

M. Cassar: Which is RC17.

Defence: Did he tell you when he received them, or did Mr. Ellul Grech or Mr. Dalli tell you when it was sent or in that case Mr. Ellul Grech told you so when it was?

M. Cassar: I know it is in the statement but I do not remember. However it is in the statement.

Defence: But was it a week ago or two weeks ago or was it a long time ago?

M. Cassar: If I say I will not be precise. It is in the statement.

Defence: Tell us when the fax was sent, that would be doc RC7?

M. Cassar: Can I refer to the statement the date was 16 November 1999 it is in the second statement. “What happened when I went the last time?” Answer “When the minister’s secretary phoned me and told me that he wanted to speak to me, I had a fax and I faxed to him and he said that these things have to stop. I told him that you said it and left. Did you send him the fax?” The question before that is. “You went to John Dalli’s Ministry?” Answer “Last week no. I have not been to the ministry for a couple of months. You sent the fax? I sent him the document that you are showing me that is being shown to me and I am recognizing. Mr. Ellul Grech is being shown a document that looks like a bank statement without balances from Midland Bank Trust Corporation Ltd. You have fixed it the way it is seen there? “Le” But there isn’t and time recorded on time but September or October was mentioned but I think that was for something else.

(The witness’s evidence is muddled. Anything the defendant may have said, he said it under duress. Inspector Raymond Cremona concocted the statements. Audio recordings of the long questioning time were not made. He also neglected to keep notes to refer to. All his witness is from memory and intended to convict an innocent person. Very unprofessional).

Defence: Now try to remember when John Dalli spoke to you did he tell you that he received it…

M. Cassar: I do not think he told me anything about days because what I know…

Defence: Look if I said he was referring to months.

M. Cassar: No months no. There is a bit of a problem here but September or October was mentioned. Certain days too were mentioned.

Defence: Can I put to you the question in another way? I’ll get to it in another way. As for document RC7 you got to know about it for the first time when you went to the defendant’s home therefore for sure Minister John Dalli never told you and never complained to you and never asked you to investigate the forgery or falsification regarding RC7?

M. Cassar: No.

Defence: Never? Despite the fact that the Honourable John Dalli told you that that document is falsified, you confirmed that he received it by fax?

M. Cassar: Yes.

Defence: And the Honourable John Dalli never informed the police?

M. Cassar: No.

Defence: Cross-examination reserved.
Magistrate: Now, cross-examination of the civil case.

Prosecution: Now Mr. Cassar, let’s try and capitalize facts. A bank document was found in defendant’s possession and this document was addressed to John Dalli.

M. Cassar: To J. Dalli esquire, 22 Main Street, Balzan, Malta.

Prosecution: Did the defendant admit that he had access to documents belonging to Honourable Minister John Dalli?

M. Cassar: He’s the only one that said that.

Prosecution: At the defendant’s home was there any documents that were definitely altered? 

M. Cassar: The top part of the document.

Prosecution: Did the defendant also admit that he had faxed this document to John Dalli, the Prime Minister and Josef Bonnici and another person that he did not wish to mention.

M. Cassar: Yes.

Prosecution: At least the police go somewhere at the end of the day.

M. Cassar: Although to be precise during the interrogation the other persons he was referring to were John Dalli and Josef Bonnici. At first when we were at his house he said that he had sent it to another person and that this person he did not know or he did not want to say who it was and when we came to interrogate him and his statement, he changed that person to minister Dalli, Josef Bonnici and the Prime minister and eliminated the other.

(This witness keeps making up stories. No evidence to support his claims). 

Prosecution: And the police ended up with a sack full of these fabricated letters that their origin was that part document that was found at his house.(THE POLICE DID NOT HAVE ANY EVIDENCE THAT THE DOCUMENT FOUND AT THE DEFENDANT'S HOME WAS USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. IF IT WAS USED FOR THAT PURPOSE JOHN DALLI MUST HAVE BEEN THE ORIGINATOR).

M. Cassar: Yes.

Prosecution: The last question or two. Did he say who helped him send all those letters?

M. Cassar: No he did not say.

Prosecution: Meaning he refused.

M. Cassar: He said that he did not send them.

Prosecution: The second thing. Did he at any time say he does not have any money and that he was hard up?

M. Cassar: Yes he did in fact he said that he had a problem regarding his home.

Prosecution: These documents that the police received, were these sent by post?

M. Cassar: Those received by the police from the public, some of them were brought by hand others were sent by post.

Prosecution: How were they sent to the public?

M. Cassar: According to the public yes, by post.

Prosecution: And they were stamped?

M. Cassar: Yes, 6 cents stamp on each stamp.

(20, 000 letters at 6 cents each amounts to Lm1, 200 (€2,760 approximately). The police did not find any evidence of any databases on the defendants’ PC or any electoral registers).

Prosecution: No more questions.

Magistrate: Cross-examination reserved.

This is the witness of Assistant police Commissioner Michael Cassar dictated by him.

I confirm that this is this transcript is correct and faithful and produced to the best of my ability from the tape.
Iris Mallia

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