P1 - Inspector Raymond Cremona - His Biased Witness

On behalf of the prosecution, Assistant Commissioner Michael Cassar and Inspector Raymond Cremona cross-examine each other.

This court case was in two court proceedings, a criminal and a civil case. John Dalli Vs Joseph Ellul Grech and The Police Vs Joseph Ellul Grech. Representing the defence was Dr. Gavin Gulia LL.D., MP. Representing the prosecution were Assistant Police Commissioner Michael Cassar, Inspector Raymond Cremona and Dr. Tonio Azzopardi LL.D, MA.

Below is the witness of Inspector Raymond Cremona. It is as true to the court-recorded transcript as possible. Further down at the bottom of this page is a copy of the original in Maltese. He is being cross-examined by Assistant Commissioner Michael Cassar. His witness confirms the amateurish and biased way that the police conducted their investigations. It is obvious from reading the witness transcript that Inspector Raymond Cremona deliberately tried to obscure the flaws in his investigation and tried hard not to give direct answers to the defence. There is no question that he was not impartial in his investigation. It should be noted that all his witness is given from memory. The Malta Police do not have pocket books to make notes at the scene or use any form of recording equipment during questioning.

This witness also confirms the Police breached their duty of care towards the defendant, breached his civil and human rights while in their custody and during the unnecessary long court proceedings. During this process the police colluded with John Dalli and ignored the defendant’s pleas and allegations he made of John Dalli’s involvement in this crime.

The principal witnesses (John Dalli, Raymond Cremona, Michael Cassar and Joe Gaffarena) transcripts also confirm that the defence lawyer Dr. Gavin Gulia LL.D., MP. was fighting the case at a disadvantage. However, his cross-examination of Inspector Cremona confirmed that the police and EU Commissioner John Dalli did not have any evidence to support their charges.

The police also knew that on the 26th June 1999 the defendant reported to the Police Commissioner (George Grech) and the Prime Minister (Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami) the irregularities at Daewoo where John Dalli had been employed as consultant a few months earlier. Inspector Martin Sammut had sent the confirmation of the report that Ellul Grech made regarding the irregularities at Daewoo. Inspector Kevin Ellul Bonici signed this (copy in my pictures). Inspector Kevin Ellul Bonici was one of the investigating officers in this case. However, very early in the investigation he was forced out and Assistant Commissioner Michael Cassar took over despite the fact that he was responsible for the drug squad, not fraud.

Cremona’s witness confirms that the magistrate ignored the fact that there was no evidence to support the charges against the defendant. Despite this he neglected to be impartial and allowed the prosecution to continue pressing their charges against the defendant.

In the magistrates’ Courts of Malta
Being a Statutory Court
Magistrate Dr. Noel Cuschieri BA, LL.D

To Day 30th November 1999

The Police
(Assistant Commissioner Michael Cassar)


Joseph Ellul Grech
Inspector Raymond Cremona Son of Edward
and born in Marsa Stationed at Fraud Squad
under oath and in the presence of the defendant

Magistrate:   What do you have to say about this case?

R. Cremona:   On the 15 November of this year the Onor. Minister John Dalli made report to Assistant Commissioner Michael Cassar regarding anonymous letters that were being sent to some people and that were sent to him. These letters include a paper from Midland Bank Trans Corporation that was false, according to the Onor. Minister, a Bank statement dated 1994, two newspaper reports, one of the Times Newspaper dated 4 July 1999 and another dated 28 July 1994 they were titled “declaration of bursar income assets declaration of Minister’s assets” respectively. A covering letter titled “documents for your perusal” that was alleging that Minister John Dalli did not declare assets that he has in an off shore bank account. Information was received that most probably a Joe Ellul Grech from Fgura was connected to it.

However Assistant police commissioner Michael Cassar accompanied by Inspector Kevin Ellul Bonici and inspector Paul Caruana who is in the police IT services went to 19, Kent Street, Fgura where Mr. Ellul Grech resides.

During the search we conducted which I was involved in we seized several objects that we are going to exhibit with other persons that were appointed by the Magistrate on duty. The next day the duty Magistrate Dr. Antonio Mizzi was informed where he appointed a number of experts to help with this case. Excluding that on that day when the search took place a statement was taken from the defendant when after he was cautioned.

In this statement he admitted that he did not have a firearms licence. He also confirmed that the items were found at his home but did not admit that he had written any letters to anyone. He also mentioned that months before he had gone to the ministry, after he had sent a fax of a statement that was half blank to Minister Dalli.

While the search was taking place before his statement while we were at his home he had said “ sure, this is what you are looking for, this paperwork? Although we had already found some documents on his desk he gave us other document that of Minister John Dalli. He said, “It is these that I want to show you because it is not right that he does not declare everything. This is fiscal morality”.

(The witness is making up a lot of stories and lies hoping to justify his actions and try to convict an innocent person. “Fiscal morality” this was John Dalli’s slogan at the time. OH YES, DALLI WAS ASKING THE PUBLIC TO ADOPT FISCAL MORALITY).

Apart from that he also mentioned that a certain Joe Gaffarena had told him the Minister intended to make him pay. We kept him under arrest and the next day we brought Joe Gaffarena in. Joe Gaffarena denied everything that Mr. Ellul Grech said, not only that, but at the time he (Ellul Grech) was dismissed from work because of the Honourable Minister Dalli. The employment he had was with Daewoo Ltd. He also said that he lost his employment because of that poofter Dalli.

Apart from that, after we had taken the statement we carried out several  investigations in the vicinities of Rahal Gdid, Fgura and the neighbourhood among stationers and other people who make photo copies.

There was also another statement made by the defendant in the evening. In this statement he denied what Gaffarena had said and the fact that Gaffarena had said that it was John Dalli’s fault that he lost his employment. That John Dalli or people from his Ministry were going to make him pay. He denied that he wrote the letters. 

After the analysis of the letters that were sent and the documents that were found at his home , a decision was taken to arraign him in court. I wish to exhibit in court by Joseph Ellul Grech dated 15 November 1999, as doc RC1, the statement of Joseph Ellul Grech dated 16 November 1999 as doc RC2, three sets of photocopies that were passed on to the police by Joe Ellul Grech as defendant, one that is in the name of John Dalli with the address San Pawl tat-Targa, Malta and it is being marked by the court as RC3 that consists of four sheets of paper.

A set of scanned documents on John Dalli addressed Liverpool, England, which are being marked as doc RC4 which document Consists of three sheets of paper. A set of scanned documents with the name John Dalli and address of Highbridge Walk, Iceberry, Beck, Bucks, which is being marked by the court as doc RC5. This document, consists of four pages.

Magistrate:   Meaning you found these at the defendant?

R. Cremona:   Yes, in fact the defendant gave them to the police during the search. Set of documents found by the police that among them is an article from The Sunday Circle dated November 1999. Apart from all this there was a copy half full being a bank statement of Midland Bank Trust Corporation, Jersey, Ltd., according to this document it is addressed to J. Dalli, 272 Main Street, Balzan. This document is not full but it is very similar to the one that has been submitted to this court addressed in Bucks, England in the name of John Dalli. You can say that this is identical but the only thing that there is different is the address that there is on it and it is not full. This was among the many intimate personal documents of the same defendant. This was found by the police. The court is marking this document as RC6. This entire file is being exhibited as is.

This was found on the desk of the defendant in his study. A document being a bank statement was also found in the name of Joseph Ellul Grech in one of the books in the defendants study. Document RC8. During the search the police also seized a number of arms from the defendant.

They consist of what I am going to state. Air pistol, this is being marked as Doc RC9. It is named Gamo. Crossbow that is being marked by the court as Doc RC10. Two slingshots that are being marked by this court as doc RC11, three arrows that are being marked as doc RC12, transparent container with pellets that is being marked doc RC13, Knuckle-duster that is also a penknife that is being marked doc RC14 and three hunting knives that are being marked as doc RC15. I also wish to submit a letter from the VAT Department so that proceedings can be started against the defendant.

Magistrate:   This document is being exhibited by the inspector and is being marked as doc RC16.

M. Cremona:   I also wish to say that during the investigations the Onor. Minister John Dalli passed on to the police from HSBC a letter that shows that the accounts that were generated in these letters could not have been original but for sure they were made up because the numbers used are not being used as account numbers. The original of this letter is going to be exhibited by the Honourable Minister John Dalli. That is all. (It is up to the police to exhibit evidence, not the complainant).

Magistrate:   Questions regarding the civil action.

Prosecution:   On the day that this case took place meaning when you received the report do you know if there was a public statement made by Minister Dalli?

R. Cremona:   I remember several public statements being made. I know that a Public statement was made where these letters were denied.

Prosecution:   Exactly. During the defendant’s statements to the police can you tell the magistrate if these were made freely or not?

R. Cremona:   No the statements were voluntary in fact he was cautioned. During The statements we offered him something to drink and he was offered some tea and in fact at one time he had a tea. We found him painting and decorating in fact we gave him a chance to change clothes at his home when he came with us and during the night of the 15 and 16 of that month I had a phone call at about one in the morning and I was informed that he was not feeling well and was in pain and I told them to take him to hospital straight way. In fact he was taken to hospital and was discharged immediately. The next day about noon we were going to take a statement from him and he said he was in pain and we brought him a doctor from Floriana polyclinic. As for that which is food and drink we always offered him. He never complained to us about being ill treated. He was kept a Imsida police station because he wanted in fact I wanted to keep him at the city lock up but he said that he had an incident some ten years back and he did not want to stay at the city lock up and asked the police to be taken elsewhere. I would say that he was treated well according to police tradition.


Daewoo Police Report Confirmation

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